News and Events

Our New Curate - Revd Liz Rowles

On Sunday 1st July, Liz was ordained deacon at Manchester Cathedral which marked the beginning of her ministry here at St Martin's and also at St Andrew's, Droylsden.  We look forward to getting to know Liz better over the coming weeks and being blessed by her ministry in her training post with us.



Place of Welcome

St Martin's has started a new weekly event on Thursdays as part of the Places of Welcome scheme.  We're open every week from 10-12noon for the whole community and it is completely free. Come along and chat with other local people over free tea and toast, join in various activities, or just come and sit in a quiet space to read a paper or magazine or have a moment's peace. 

Over the coming weeks, we hope to have various volunteers and organisations dropping in offering craft sessions, free health checks, hand massage, chair exercises, local advice.... 

Do drop in and say hello. If you know someone in the area who is feeling lonely, invite them to come along with you. We really do want to create a relaxed safe community space where everyone receives a warm welcome