St Martin's history


The present church building is in fact the third St. Martin’s Church in the Greenside area of Droylsden. 

The original St. Martin’s Church was a wooden hut; a converted local community building, which was dedicated on Saturday, 12th June, 1943 and served the congregation until destroyed by fire on Friday, 22nd August, 1947. 

Due to the lack of available building materials, financial constraints and rationing following the War, the replacement building was a Nissen Hut & pre-fabricated units where worship continued. But such was the support for our church, the size of the buildings soon proved inadequate. 

When the present building was completed in 1959, many of the furnishings from the Nissen Hut and those which had been salvaged from the 1947 fire were transferred. Some are still in use today.  

With the new building up and running, the Nissen hut was demolished, but the pre-fab buildings remained in use until the early 1970’s when the church building was extended to form the present church hall. The remaining land was developed to provide a Vicarage and the rest sold off for the building of the residential properties which now form St. Martin’s Close.

“O Almighty God, who has promised that when thy children unite as one in praise to thee, thou wilt give them the precious gift of thy Holy Spirit, bless the churches of our parish, and grant to each one of us thy strength, that we, and those absent from us now, may serve thee with our whole hearts unto our lives’ end, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen” 

This prayer was written by the Reverend Kenneth M. Bishop, Rector of Droylsden, and used at the Dedication of St. Martin’s Church on Saturday, 12th June, 1943