Men's Group

The group normally meets at 7:30pm on the third Thursday of each month (unless stated otherwise).

We hope to have some spiritual input and to have a time of fellowship and social gathering. The programme will vary from month to month. ALL men are welcome to come and bring their friends. St. Andrew's Church has been allocated 2 nights during the year for organising their joint activities with St. Martin's Mens Fellowship.

Please contact Peter Ratcliffe 01457 835272 if you are interested or need to confirm dates of future meetings.   

Our next events in 2020:

19th March 2020:Thursday night:
Men's Fellowship visit to Droylsden Little Theatre CANCELLED
due to coronavirus restrictions.
15th April 2020: Wednesday night 7:30:
Men's Fellowship Darts & Dominoes POSTPONED
due to coronavirus restrictions.

2020 Calendar 

- please check with Peter Ratcliffe for final details.
St. Martin’s Men’s Fellowship Group

St. Martin’s Men’s Fellowship Group,
Is a Fellowship of Men,
Who form an integrated loop,
Of local churches joining them.

With venues like the West Room,
But mainly the Church Hall,
Where quizzes, games and breakfasts boom,
The programme’s set for all.

When it’s sorted, planned and done,
It’s organized just right,
It’s good to meet and share some fun,
And have that male-male night.

Chatting ‘bout that thing called sport,
What it ain’t and what it ought,
Burning issues, current news,
Sharing stories, hearing views.

Hot pot suppers warm you up,
Do I smell malt in that cup?
Pour me out another brew,
Can you answer twenty-two?

It’s good to meet and share rapport,
Hear the gossip and much more,
But mainly sharing common ground,
In friendship as those months turn round.

Come and join in, try us out,
You’ll find us friendly, there’s no doubt,
A host of hunky, wholesome males,
Where healthy fellowship prevails

© Janet Bunner October 2011