Bible Reading

Reading the Bible regularly is an important part of a Christian's life - it's how we hear God's Word.  By reading the Bible we can deepen our understanding of God who created us, of Jesus calling us to follow him and of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. It's important to find a Bible that you can read easily.  There are many different translations of the Bible, some in traditional language, some in contemporary language.  If you would like help in finding a Bible, please contact our Vicar.

There are online Bibles so that you can read them on your PC and there are Bible apps for smartphones and tablets so that you can read the Bible wherever you are.

It can be helpful to find a guide to reading the Bible and you can find these in bookshops such as Cathedral Centre Books at Salford RC Cathedral or at an online bookseller.

The website Bible Gateway has a number of Bible reading plans that you might find helpful.