Ways to Pray

In any relationship, communication is vital.  If we don't talk regularly, if we can't express what we are feeling or what we are thinking, it is difficult for a relationship to grow and develop.  It's the same with God.  To grow in relationship with God, we need to communicate and this is what prayer is about.  Prayer can take many forms - using words or silence, done while we're sitting still or walking about, using formal forms of prayer or whatever our heart prompts us with.   

The Church of England website offers some help in finding out about different ways to pray as well as providing a range of prayers for different occasions or Daily Prayer set for each day for the morning, midday and evening.  If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download an app for Daily Prayer so that you can pray using it wherever you are.

Another source for Daily Prayer is the Northumbria Community website which uses prayers based on the ancient Celtic Christian tradition.

The Taize Community in France also provides an online Prayer for each Day on its website as well as some guides to pray in a more meditative style.