St Martin's Memorial Garden

On 22nd March 2015, the Bishop of Middleton, the Rt Revd Mark Davies, consecrated our Memorial Garden so that it is now possible for cremated remains to be interred there.  If you wish to apply to have the ashes of a loved one placed in the garden please contact our churchwardens or our vicar.  

The PCC has agreed certain regulations that apply regarding whose remains may be buried and the nature of any memorial:

  1. The remains of a person who: a) lived in the parish at the time of their death; or b) died in the parish: or
    c) was on the church electoral role of the parish at the time of their death â€‹â€‹â€‹may be interred in the memorial garden.  Others may be interred at the discretion of the incumbent and churchwardens.

  2. Ashes are to be interred directly into the ground without a casket.​

  3. No memorial stones or plaques may be placed on individual plots. The interment may be commemorated with a plaque placed on the existing memorial board, with plaques matching the existing in shape and size.   A Book of Remembrance will also be available in church for the recording of names.

  4. If people wish to place flowers in remembrance of those interred, the flowers may not be placed in the memorial garden but space may be made available inside church for fresh flowers.  The placing of other memorabilia in the memorial garden is not allowed and the incumbent and churchwardens will remove any items placed in the area.

The fees for interment can be found in our list of parish fees